Less traction equals more action!

Drifting with the first sign of the snow, all of you driving maniacs and drifting enthusiast, check this site out! Keeps the blood in your veins rushing and heart tumbling!

Oh, winter, come fast!




We have a variety of specially prepared performance cars, all expertly designed to provide you with an amazing driving experience. –

The Cars

Porsche 911 3.2sc – rear engined rear wheel drive!
A 3.2 Blue printed engine
Full roll cage
4 point harnesses
Peltor Intercom
Plated LSD

Ford Focus RS – Front Wheel Drive
1.8 Zetec
Full roll cage
4 point harnesses
Peltor intercom
Ford Motorsport adjustable dampers and competition springs
Quaife ATB Differential

BMW M3 Compact Evolution – Rear Wheel Drive
3.2 M3 Evolution engine
Fully welded multi point roll cage
5 point harnesses
Peltor intercom
E30 M3 Diff with LSD

Subaru Imprezza WRX GC8 Built and prepared by the Scooby Clinic in Chesterfield
4 Wheel Drive
Full roll cage
4 point harnesses
Peltor intercom
KYB dampers and springs
Plated diffs
Straight cut gearbox

Mitsubishi Evo 7
Previously a WRC recce car” – by Ice Driver –

That’s the offer of the cars! Wich one would you choose? I know my choice…..allready!.

„I choose my own destiny“.


That’s such a common phrase, I often just smile and go from hearing it in a distant conversation.

What the f…. k can you choose? You are buried down with your own thoughts, worries, everyday obligations that just need to be done.

No excuses for that.

No excuses for not going to work even if you feel  and think that you’d rather stay home.

You must stay alert and do your obligations as they come.

Every morning when I woke up, and barely pull out myself out of the bed, I sincerely ask myself, where did last ten years go? Flushed down the toilet, wasted and thrown away.

Wasted on and for the others.

I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror.

Hopeless face that has come to the final conclusion.

You don’t choose anything.

Everything else chooses you. And there’s

nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Of course, you can decide for yourself if you’re gonna wear that pair of shoes today or not… but that’s so irrelevant.

The big life choices and decisions, oh, you thought you made it yourself?! Do not be stupid!  You were probably influenced by people surrounding you, your community and way of life that is „prescribed“ to you.

We are just a mass of entities, like an ant farm, running around, unable to see the bigger picture. The more you run, the more you dig yourself into the everyday that happen’s everyday, the more you are detached from life and from yourself.

I am detached. It’s kinda floating feeling. Acting as a robot, doing stuff that needs to be done.

And real Me?  Cuddled somewhere deep inside waiting… not knowing what am I waiting for. But I do know one thing. There is no f… g way to get out of the line that just keeps leading you further and further. No stopping , just moving forward. Walking straight, you and the rest of the herd.

If you think that you are not the same kind and you’re somehow different, you are in a such mistake. As always.

Because the truth is not available to us, common people. We are just wanderers keeping what we need to keep, doing what we must do, and  NOT what we want to do.

Rebel, you may say, someone who will just push and overcome all of this.

Wanna be a rebellion? Just come on, play it. You will not last for a day. This game has rules. Obedience. If you fight against it, you’ll just vanish in the thin air.

I thought that this mind retrospective would be a positive one. But, I do realize now that it is not either positive or negative. It is just REAL.


The Kobo Aura – reading experience beyond expectations

We have finally met a supreme e-reader with fascinating technology and supreme reading experience.

With the new ClarityScreen of 6”, edge-to-edge low-glare Pearl E Ink screen, and high resolution, you will get the ultimate paper reading experience, no matter if you are reading in the dark, or in the direct sunlight.

The E – ink screen gives an experience of reading that does not involve flashes in between page transitions, and provides pinch-to-zoom in reading the e-books.

Software design, called the Kobo Reading Life™, improves the ability to explore even more of your reading preferences, the software finds the titles which you can later collect, store and share them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. The books that you have stored are now organized in a more fashion manner, more organized. It is easier to find the next great book or an article to read with Kobo than earlier.

With the free app from Kobo , you can synchronize all of your devices, and continue or start reading no matter if it is a laptop, Kobo Aura or your tablet.

Yours Kobo Home screen is a dynamic place, where you can find all your readings from the latest ones, the new recommendations that are suited to your reading preferences. You are also getting a special offers often in this dynamic window.

How is Kobo giving you the personalized recommendations on new reading topics? It analyzes your reading activities, and then provides you with the feedback suited just for you.

The Collections, one more feature that is going to ease your reading experience, with a theme based collection of authors, genres or subject of the book or article.  Recommendations made by Kobo are always from popular literary authors. If you want and have a special passion in reading, you can make your own Collections section.

When searching the Internet and finding something interesting, you can save it for later reading, even offline, using Pocket application.

Kobo makes tracking and statistic about your reading. It saves your progress,  and awards you just for reading.


Technical specifications are inspiring, the device size is 150 x 114 x 8.1 mm, and weight is only 174g.


The screen is 6 ”High-res Pearl E Ink ClarityScreen with low-flash waveform; 1024 x 758, 16 level gray scale.


Internet connectivity is based on WI Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Micro USB, processor is  1Ghz.


The light is ComfortLight ™; the best, and most even, built in front-light, storage capacity is 4 GB but with the option of expanding  up to 32 GB with a MicroSD card.


File formats that are supported are: e-Books: EPUB, PDF, and MOBI

Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF


Comic Books: CBZ and CBR

Supports ePub and Adobe DRM. Read books borrowed from your public library.


Kobo gives you the Typing Genius ™ with 11 fonts available, 24 sizes and amazing weight and sharpness settings. The content provided on Kobo is over 3.5 million of the best titles in the world,  books, comics and kids’ titles.


The advanced reading app gives you  use of the Notes, highlighting, dictionary, and bookmarks on the reading material.


If you need some rest from reading, you can always play games: Chess and Sudoku.


The Kobo apps  are free for Mac and PC, Apple®, Android™, Blackberry 10 Smartphones, and tablets. E-books are being stored in the cloud, and your bookmarks sync across all of your devices. If you want to share the experience with others, use the sharing on the Facebook® Timeline.

Languages that are supported are English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese and Japanese.

Kobo comes in two different colors to choose from:  pink and textured black.

When it comes to e-reading, there’s no doubt about it, the Kobo’s supremacy over the other e-readers are fascinating. You can only do one task: choose the color of your new Kobo!





The Leap Motion Controller


This unique piece of high tech hardware has appeared on the market and made a lot of excitment.


If you want to get the feeling of futuristic world and multidimensional control in the air, this product will leave you breathless.


It’s compatible both with your PC or Mac.



 The Leap Controller grasps the movements of your hands in the air, and turns them into controls and actions you wanted to achieve on the screen – grab documents, swipe them or pinch them.


The look of the Leap is almost artistic, subtle, polished and minimalistic.


Although it uses the small amount of your computer desk space, you are using the space over it!


Every classic task that is done on your PC or Mac, could be done with the Leap.


Browsing the Internet, flicking your photos, reading the articles, playing music- you just have to move your finger.


If you want to draw something or paint, use a pencil or a paintbrush.


Game playing? Of course. With your fingers you control the game; either it’s the shooting game, the racing game or the puzzle solving game.


If you need to make 3D objects, don’t be concerned about the Leap, it provides you with the ability to move, mold, and build the 3D objects.


Gliding through the space with your favorite application of the Solar System; the whole new experience, by picking and pinching the planets with your fingers.


You can do, or better to say, “air”, everything that is needed to be done. And not just for fun! Do some serious job with it too.


The accuracy of the Leap is astonishing, it tracks all of the ten fingers up to 1/100th of a mm. This accuracy sensitivity has not been seen or made before, in any other motion control hardware.


The field of action is 150 degrees, an outstanding width of view and a Z-axis for depth.

You just move your hands in 3D. Application Leap Motion gives you the possibility of reaching and grabbing the objects.


The space you control with your fingers is a three dimensional 8 cubic feet interactive playground.

It works like a in a Sci-Fi movie, if you move, it moves too.


The space between you and your computer is technological miracle, tracking your movements with 200 frames per second.


Every of your actions is transferred to the screen, big ones, or the smallest ones.

Playing the guitar, surfing the internet, reading the document, writing an important project, grabbing the apps in the air…you imagine it, it happens with a minor finger movement.


In the package of the Leap Motion Controller, except of the controller itself, there are provided 2 standard length USB 2.0 cables, Welcome Card and Important Information Guide.


If you want to change your everyday life, business, and feel like in a “Star Trek” movie, jump into the world of a high tech hardware, the Leap Motion Controller.






The age of superintendence and the role of the Whistlehackers

In the June of this year , Barack Obama stated the one of the most important allegations of this century:  “You can’t have 100 percent secure, and also then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience”.

Also, addressing the surveillance system that is present now, he said : “We’re going to have to make some choices as a society”.


This statement made by the Obama, followed after the allegations of Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, who alarmed the society by the vigilant and relentlessly leaking the data, of the astonishing and startling sweep of surveillance activities conducted by the agency, for the most acknowledged newspapers today, The Guardian, the Washington Post and in the others also.

Edward Snowden became one of the most dominant figures in the year 2013, but is seems, that his information would have the most implication at the time that would yet come.


Although Snowden statements made the pivotal opinion barter in the society, it seems that we would never have the conversation the Obama implied. Although there has been a huge interest in Snowden and his actions, nothing has happened or seems to ever happen in the near future, in making tough decisions in the society.


The whistlehackers has been present over the years, disclosing the classified information into the public,  in the belief of doing a greater good to the society.


Daniel Ellsberg was whistlehacker in the Vietnam era, as he exposed classified Pentagon Papers, and thgrugoh that action created the base for the modern whistlehackers. In the internet era, the most known correlative where the actions of WikiLeaks, that molded the 21-St century into the knowledge society, grounded by the refined and wide technical advancements, but also with changing the ideology of the “hacker” philosophy into more open and nonconforming.


The consequences of the Snowden’s whitlehackers actions are forthcoming. He had an idealistic plan, vast technical skills that were supported by the network of the identical followers with sophisticated knowledge and the same agenda. Snowden, however, was able to keep himself out of the reach of the American government. But as said before, the importance of his actions is yet to come.


Back in June 2013., The program called PRISM was exposed. The PRSIM has the ability and used this ability,  as quoted “ to obtain direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants,”implying that the mass surveillance program was unthinkably enormous,


Journalist Glenn Greenvald, who was the most intrusive Snowden’s leak-recipient, managed only to work through a portion of the enormous number of received files , the numbers are unimaginable- the number of received data hits the 20,000 classified documents from the NSA.


NSA has created malware that spreads up to 50,000 computers in the World, and runs on an intrusive gathering intelligence system. This system is used on even friendly heads of state. The quote about how this malware works,  is almost threatening- “supercomputers and the algorithms used to search vast databases [that] have put the N.S.A. far ahead of rival intelligence services”.


The fact is, not only the tech companies are directly accessed, but this malware has ability to route around any permitting process by infiltrating data links between far-flung servers. The most important tech companies are demanding government reform, because the consequences here are unpredictable for the public and the citizens. These companies have a business model that relies upon assembling users’ data, and would have an unpredictable amount of loss, if the users stop interacting with them, because of the high risk of NSA intruding.



But, Snowden left us with his  second inheritance.


There are reports of almost 480,000 contractors with government, and they all have the top secret security clearance. It is for sure, that there are more whistlehackers in this community. All of this seems almost unrealistic, as we have been thrown into the Big Brother scenario, as described by Geroge Orwell in his book “1984”. But, what happens if one of the individual with the right skills, and on the right place, in the right time, makes what Snowden did? The plot is a streaming flow of the facts that lead to the disastrous problems.
The conclusion is that as more and more the system is totalitarian and bigger, it becomes more exposed to this array of deficiency and failing.


We can presume with certainty the whistlehackers have their own ideology and supreme knowledge, to build their own community. Snowden has initiated the idea and tendency of individuals but also groups to use technology to route around official organizations. The hackers are spread even in the Anonymus and Reddit user’s ( they made an attempt to crowdsource the Boston Marathon bombing investigation), and it seems like they represent an authoritative system.

The third Snowden’s legacy is the crucial one, but also the one that is the most questionable.

As the Obama suggested the probability of open, serious debate, it looks like  it is never going to happen.

Even John Kerry admitted that NSA actions , as quoted  “have been happening in many ways on an automatic pilot, because the technology is there and the ability is there,” and that: “In some cases, some of these actions have reached too far.” Indeed, it looks like we need a lot more independent supervision of government surveillance actions.

Our privacy has been corrupted, but it seems as we have given up on it.

The question arises, are we really satisfied with the insignificant reforms that have been suggested?

Is our security worth the NSA’s actions?


The whitlehackers actions brought up the two different things.

First is the government and the Congress, who have to make it pretty clear what are the choices of the society in weighing out security and  privacy.

The other thing is, are we as the society itself, gonna make that choice- or not.








In the past century Medicine tried and succeeded to relate and incorporate high tech products into every day life, giving the disability patients better life quality.

The usual ideas to help the people with the disability to move in the Wheelchair where:

Head Tracking System, Hand Gesture Based movement control (for those not paralyzed from the neck down), Eye Based Control, Wireless Asstive techniques, Robotic Wheel Chairs, Voice Based Activated Movement control , Voice operated Wheelchair, Head and Finger Movement Wheelchairs, gesture Based Wheelchairs, Remote Controlled Wheelchair , and many others.

Sometimes, the ideas are quite unique, just like the one we are going to explain.

We have heard about 3D printed hearts, ears, artificial organs, but this is an opportunity to give disabled people more convenient and undependable every life.

So what is it so surprising and a little bit unusual?

Magnetic tongue piercing that are used as a miniature joystick! The product is yet in the experimental phase, but the results are promising.

Revolutionary  idea comes from staff at the Georgia Institute of Technology. They use magnetic tongue  piercing to communicate through WI-FI with devices – computer or a wheelchair. Before this invention, the sip-and-puff control system has been used, so when blowing into a straw made the disabled people move.

The testing group of people is very satisfied with the idea.  All of them are paralyzed from the neck down, and this solution provides them much more comfortable and self confidence.

Only 11 people were involved in this study, but all of them preferred this type of movement control instead of others. The project is still in experimental phase, but its showing promising results.

Of course, the bigger studies are needed to prove the reliability and make the product to be ready for market sale and usage.

Comments after placing this high tech piercing are all positive, as it is less invasive and more adjustable, as tongue movements do not require special focusing, and the tongue does not get so easily fatigued.

All credits for creating this product goes to biomedical engineer Maysam Ghovanloo.

Some of the paralyzed patients have refused to participate in the study.

It is obvious that Medicine and Technology are closely incorporating new high tech products into every day life. In the future, more and more products are expected to be available on the market. The predictable burden is money investment into this area, as it is expensive, long term, and requires an excellent collaboration between medical staff and technical engineers. Ideas are more and more innovative, and that’s what makes us positive about the future.

The ultimate answer lies of course in stem cell research for paralyzed people, and spinal recovery at the full, but it needs a year from now on to make this experiment work on people. As for now, only rats had the used this technology, that have made them recover the injured spinal cord and walk again.

Until the stem cell treating is fully available, the tongue pierced control seems to be the most unique idea in the field, and most acceptable one.



Freelancing experience, or how the Internet era of working released the slavery again!

I had the weirdest idea in the Universe, to get involved in the Freelancing community and to do some work, as a writer.

Including all the other varieties as a Content writer, Copywriter, ghostwriter, you name it, I did it.

Some sites I have floated through are a complete scam, some ar worthy of mentioning, and some had left me with back ache from sitting for hours in front of the computer screen and writing and writing..with no results or paid money as well. 


Of course, I have done jobs. It can be seen on the The experience had been great there with some people I have met as employers, and they are such wonderful persons that I would likely go out and have some coffee with them and chat like friends. But, there are examples of complete human …no human, excuse me, animal behaviour there, also.

Blackmailing, scammers, frauds,  a list incomplete because I cannot find the words how to describe those non-human non-ethic and non-professional entities.

At some moments I felt like a trapped animal with no way out. And after a long negotiations, harsh words used as well, from both sides, I closed the page with the question mark above my head and feeling little, naive and stupid to the bone. Fraud again. Eleven hours of the full work wasted, no money paid, and feedback that this entity provided on my work ruined my reputation pretty good! And all of that happened, because I just refused to be treated like a slave!

There you go! Your reputation among the freelancers is maybe high, but believe me, as a freelancer, you are entering the site at your own risk. Be aware, that whoever offers you a job, you have to think twice, and stand back at the first glance of fraud!

Never ever think about anyone except of yourself, no matter what they offer or if they blackmail you.

Keep your dignity, stand for yourself and fight back if necessary!

I learned it in a very hard way, but at least I’ve learned my lesson well. And guess what? I will not give up! I am still there, still working, but with my dignity on my mind first!   🙂



The Perfect Lovers

I never separate The Sun from The Sea. They are One, loving each other in the morning, embracing yellowness with the depth of emotions, sea breeze and soft waves.

If there wasn’t the Sun, the Sea would never have it’s most magnificent look, at the sunset, going from light turquoise blue, to dark blue and deep black, with orange reflections appearing from the horizon.

As the day goes on, The Sun keeping up high in the Sky, waves getting bigger, wind aiming for the clouds.

I lay down in the shade and watch this game.

Interacting, playing with each other, just like two lovers wanting to touch each other, softly whispering through Sun shining and Sea waves crushing on the shore.

All day long they play.

All day long I watch and listen. There are never harsh words, misspellings.

How seducible, I thought. How incredible, I dreamt.

And when the Moon appears, the Sea sleeps, deep, black, quiet dreams of love.

Could this kind of love happen’ to me? Once? Do I dare even think of it?

I do.


Tuesday, bloody tuesady

When I thought Monday was the blood thirsty day, Tuesday comes up and crash landed on me.

It all began with not hearing my clock alarm, witch was buzzing for approximately 10 minutes, then my cat annoyed by the sound, jumped right onto my chest while I was in bed. I almost had a heart attack. Well, after pleasant waking I realised there’s no more coffee. I can not function without coffee in the morning. Okay. 

Leave that, I’ll grab some coffee on the way to work.

Way to work? Are you fucking kidding me? The road was closed due to some important works on bloody water pipes. 

Leave that, I’ll manage, there’s the other way. Wich was. of course, stacked up by numerous cars whose owners had the same idea. 

I was late for 45 minutes. My chief just grunted, and I was in no mood explaining.

Of course, due to 45 minutes late, number of patient’s waiting to see me grow up.

No need to say how gratitude they showed when I finally arrived . I think I heard some swearing in the background. No problem, I can handle that.

After seeing 20 patients, I felt I could collapse.

Took a coffee, first in this bloody Tuesday, when someone yelled on the hallway “Help! He fainted!”.


Of course, nothing serious happened, just an older man dropped to the floor because of low blood pressure.

There was a lot of other things I had to do, so my coffee was standing still. 

When was time to go home, I looked at the mug with sorrow. Can’t handle cold coffee, so I just left it there.

Car was parked in the sun. Temperature inside was 38 degrees Celsius. Okay, I can handle that. Windows down, air conditioning..the wheel was so hot I couldn’t touch it.

On  my way home, one beautiful Mercedes AMG, decided to stop in the middle of the road with no apparent reason. He just…stoppped. Driving behind him, I stopped an inch avoiding the crash. All the lights on my board started flashing…ABS, ESP, wtf I don’t know, maybe PMS also..

Okay, I thought nothing happened, I’m alive, car is intact. 

But Mercedes had no intention to move. I was stuck.. again. Couldn’t go back, behind me a bunch of cars, in front of me, in an inch distance AMG.

It took 10 minutes so the situation was cleared. I stopped driving by Mercedes and asked  the driver : “WTF is wrong with you?”,and he answered calmly , “Oh, my GPS showed me the wrong direction, so I didn’t know what to do…”. ” Are you fucking kidding me?!”, I replied. The guy stared at me as I was some lunatic. “You are a moron, an idiot, and you should return your drivers license, because you are a threat on the road, you moron!!!!”  He said “I’ll call the police for threatening me!”” O fuck. I lost control. “Call them you monkey, I almost crashed into you because your inability to drive!”. “Oh”, he said, ” I didn’t realized it was such a problem….”

I counted from ten backwards, just not to get out of the car and slap him in the middle of the face

I can handle that..I can handle, repeated to myself..

I got home.

Felt like crap.

And then, for the firs time in this bloody Tuesday, I had some coffee. 

Universe didn’t collapsed, but I wish it was.It would be much less hurtless



I’m so tired today, that I have no will to breathe. Hated monday since…ever? Nevermind. Tuesday is also a little hell.

Hope to stay awake enough to finish a project I’m working on.

Really hope.

And now, #haiku wannabe, or in anohter words, undiagnosed poem#

8 A.M.

Fucking gonna be late for work

Grumble inside

Who the fuck cares anyway

I’ll drink some coffee to that.



Words, spoken

I will let out  two, three words, sliding down my cheeks.


I do not want to steal the future time

I ‘d rather keep honor guard to the dead thoughts.


One day I will escape utterly, and leave a void for the last wish.


The autumn sky will be hidden by the gap of emptiness

And death.


Then, with the move of an experienced gambler, I’ll pull rope on the neck

Of nonexistent, the untouchable body.


I’ll let down my cheek

Two or three words.


Thus, comforted,  I will go to meet him, to appraise whether sensible

The spilled words where.


How will I know is it right or is it wrong?

I do not know if I can touch you

The way I want

The way I feel.


I do not know if I could look into your eyes


Because I am afraid

That you are be able to see all the secrets of my soul.

My wings are a little black, and

You’ll probaly run away, I know.


I do not know if I can wake up next to you

And wish for another day

Another night

Another smile.


I do not know if I am going the right way

And if I make a mistake now

Trip over my own words and deeds

I will fall

 And never get up again.


I do not know why you’re here and who brought you

What was the idea

What was the thought of bringing you to me.

I do not know whether to thank him

Or prepare another box

For storing the memories away.