Freelancing experience, or how the Internet era of working released the slavery again!

I had the weirdest idea in the Universe, to get involved in the Freelancing community and to do some work, as a writer.

Including all the other varieties as a Content writer, Copywriter, ghostwriter, you name it, I did it.

Some sites I have floated through are a complete scam, some ar worthy of mentioning, and some had left me with back ache from sitting for hours in front of the computer screen and writing and writing..with no results or paid money as well. 


Of course, I have done jobs. It can be seen on the The experience had been great there with some people I have met as employers, and they are such wonderful persons that I would likely go out and have some coffee with them and chat like friends. But, there are examples of complete human …no human, excuse me, animal behaviour there, also.

Blackmailing, scammers, frauds,  a list incomplete because I cannot find the words how to describe those non-human non-ethic and non-professional entities.

At some moments I felt like a trapped animal with no way out. And after a long negotiations, harsh words used as well, from both sides, I closed the page with the question mark above my head and feeling little, naive and stupid to the bone. Fraud again. Eleven hours of the full work wasted, no money paid, and feedback that this entity provided on my work ruined my reputation pretty good! And all of that happened, because I just refused to be treated like a slave!

There you go! Your reputation among the freelancers is maybe high, but believe me, as a freelancer, you are entering the site at your own risk. Be aware, that whoever offers you a job, you have to think twice, and stand back at the first glance of fraud!

Never ever think about anyone except of yourself, no matter what they offer or if they blackmail you.

Keep your dignity, stand for yourself and fight back if necessary!

I learned it in a very hard way, but at least I’ve learned my lesson well. And guess what? I will not give up! I am still there, still working, but with my dignity on my mind first!   🙂