The Leap Motion Controller


This unique piece of high tech hardware has appeared on the market and made a lot of excitment.


If you want to get the feeling of futuristic world and multidimensional control in the air, this product will leave you breathless.


It’s compatible both with your PC or Mac.



 The Leap Controller grasps the movements of your hands in the air, and turns them into controls and actions you wanted to achieve on the screen – grab documents, swipe them or pinch them.


The look of the Leap is almost artistic, subtle, polished and minimalistic.


Although it uses the small amount of your computer desk space, you are using the space over it!


Every classic task that is done on your PC or Mac, could be done with the Leap.


Browsing the Internet, flicking your photos, reading the articles, playing music- you just have to move your finger.


If you want to draw something or paint, use a pencil or a paintbrush.


Game playing? Of course. With your fingers you control the game; either it’s the shooting game, the racing game or the puzzle solving game.


If you need to make 3D objects, don’t be concerned about the Leap, it provides you with the ability to move, mold, and build the 3D objects.


Gliding through the space with your favorite application of the Solar System; the whole new experience, by picking and pinching the planets with your fingers.


You can do, or better to say, “air”, everything that is needed to be done. And not just for fun! Do some serious job with it too.


The accuracy of the Leap is astonishing, it tracks all of the ten fingers up to 1/100th of a mm. This accuracy sensitivity has not been seen or made before, in any other motion control hardware.


The field of action is 150 degrees, an outstanding width of view and a Z-axis for depth.

You just move your hands in 3D. Application Leap Motion gives you the possibility of reaching and grabbing the objects.


The space you control with your fingers is a three dimensional 8 cubic feet interactive playground.

It works like a in a Sci-Fi movie, if you move, it moves too.


The space between you and your computer is technological miracle, tracking your movements with 200 frames per second.


Every of your actions is transferred to the screen, big ones, or the smallest ones.

Playing the guitar, surfing the internet, reading the document, writing an important project, grabbing the apps in the air…you imagine it, it happens with a minor finger movement.


In the package of the Leap Motion Controller, except of the controller itself, there are provided 2 standard length USB 2.0 cables, Welcome Card and Important Information Guide.


If you want to change your everyday life, business, and feel like in a “Star Trek” movie, jump into the world of a high tech hardware, the Leap Motion Controller.