The Kobo Aura – reading experience beyond expectations

We have finally met a supreme e-reader with fascinating technology and supreme reading experience.

With the new ClarityScreen of 6”, edge-to-edge low-glare Pearl E Ink screen, and high resolution, you will get the ultimate paper reading experience, no matter if you are reading in the dark, or in the direct sunlight.

The E – ink screen gives an experience of reading that does not involve flashes in between page transitions, and provides pinch-to-zoom in reading the e-books.

Software design, called the Kobo Reading Life™, improves the ability to explore even more of your reading preferences, the software finds the titles which you can later collect, store and share them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. The books that you have stored are now organized in a more fashion manner, more organized. It is easier to find the next great book or an article to read with Kobo than earlier.

With the free app from Kobo , you can synchronize all of your devices, and continue or start reading no matter if it is a laptop, Kobo Aura or your tablet.

Yours Kobo Home screen is a dynamic place, where you can find all your readings from the latest ones, the new recommendations that are suited to your reading preferences. You are also getting a special offers often in this dynamic window.

How is Kobo giving you the personalized recommendations on new reading topics? It analyzes your reading activities, and then provides you with the feedback suited just for you.

The Collections, one more feature that is going to ease your reading experience, with a theme based collection of authors, genres or subject of the book or article.  Recommendations made by Kobo are always from popular literary authors. If you want and have a special passion in reading, you can make your own Collections section.

When searching the Internet and finding something interesting, you can save it for later reading, even offline, using Pocket application.

Kobo makes tracking and statistic about your reading. It saves your progress,  and awards you just for reading.


Technical specifications are inspiring, the device size is 150 x 114 x 8.1 mm, and weight is only 174g.


The screen is 6 ”High-res Pearl E Ink ClarityScreen with low-flash waveform; 1024 x 758, 16 level gray scale.


Internet connectivity is based on WI Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Micro USB, processor is  1Ghz.


The light is ComfortLight ™; the best, and most even, built in front-light, storage capacity is 4 GB but with the option of expanding  up to 32 GB with a MicroSD card.


File formats that are supported are: e-Books: EPUB, PDF, and MOBI

Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF


Comic Books: CBZ and CBR

Supports ePub and Adobe DRM. Read books borrowed from your public library.


Kobo gives you the Typing Genius ™ with 11 fonts available, 24 sizes and amazing weight and sharpness settings. The content provided on Kobo is over 3.5 million of the best titles in the world,  books, comics and kids’ titles.


The advanced reading app gives you  use of the Notes, highlighting, dictionary, and bookmarks on the reading material.


If you need some rest from reading, you can always play games: Chess and Sudoku.


The Kobo apps  are free for Mac and PC, Apple®, Android™, Blackberry 10 Smartphones, and tablets. E-books are being stored in the cloud, and your bookmarks sync across all of your devices. If you want to share the experience with others, use the sharing on the Facebook® Timeline.

Languages that are supported are English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese and Japanese.

Kobo comes in two different colors to choose from:  pink and textured black.

When it comes to e-reading, there’s no doubt about it, the Kobo’s supremacy over the other e-readers are fascinating. You can only do one task: choose the color of your new Kobo!