How will I know is it right or is it wrong?

I do not know if I can touch you

The way I want

The way I feel.


I do not know if I could look into your eyes


Because I am afraid

That you are be able to see all the secrets of my soul.

My wings are a little black, and

You’ll probaly run away, I know.


I do not know if I can wake up next to you

And wish for another day

Another night

Another smile.


I do not know if I am going the right way

And if I make a mistake now

Trip over my own words and deeds

I will fall

 And never get up again.


I do not know why you’re here and who brought you

What was the idea

What was the thought of bringing you to me.

I do not know whether to thank him

Or prepare another box

For storing the memories away.









The World As It Is

I am great, I am fine

I’m not losing my mind.
It left me a few years ago.
And struggling without it in the world I know,
Is a fight that never ends.

No beginning, no story to catch,
Just me on my night watch.

And who the fuck are You- to judge me?

When your own excuses annoy me,
Giving you the right to be the moral judge,
In the same time you’re doing nothing right,
Just giving yourself to the world as it is,
The wrong, the immoral and unblessed as well.

So walk away and leave me alone,
My decisions are all my own.

You are also not able to do anything right, because this world is all upside down.

With nothing to give and all to take,
Just plane misery when you awake.
Choose a path, don’t get me wrong,
Stay in the herd or leave it alone.

Finally, I have my head clear, my soul was always intact.
My mind is on the call, awaiting an attack.
Because there’s no one to understand, give or feel,
Just you and me, my sweetie,
There’s nothing else real.

I don’t have to pretend like you do,
My own statements break down the wall, while you sit and wait to be accused, and for your own words sued.

So be it, like it is meant to be.
That means to be free or follow the messy crowd.

The rumor of the heard is breaking you down.
Well piglets,
I’d rather be Myself then be like You.

I’m not giving anyone my soul, and remember, I will never ever follow You.